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Does anyone know where i can find some news or articles about wrought iron and brass? About railing, chandelier, gates, fence .. etc. I am interested in old style. Products as found on this site. I'm interested about chandeliers style, Byzantine, classical, Gothic, Dutch, medieval, neoclassical, Romanian, rustic ... Anyone knows where i can find information like that? Thx LE: I posted wrong, I apologize. If a moderator could move it.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DANA RIOS (Hattiesburg, MS), 01/20/2019

I have had some attempted break-ins to the back door of my office building. Luckily I reinforced 4 feet of the jamb with steel. In every attempt they try to kick or pound in on the door knob side. So far nobody has attempted to attack the hinge side. The door to my warehouse opens out so the door is fully supported by the jamb and kicking attempts on it don't seem to have done anything other than scuff the paint. Do you need a 4 ft. jamb reinforcement??? That's up to you. How resistant do you want the door to be? The more you upgrade & reinforce the door & lock set the less likely it is that someone will be able to break in but it costs you money. It's wasted money if nobody breaks in. If you do a half way job of reinforcing and it stops a mild attack then it's money well spent, but if they power through your minor reinforcements it was money wasted. Keep in mind that thieves want an easy entrance. If you heavily reinforce the door they may go somewhere else to gain entrance like a window or simply go through the wall, so don't put all your defense budget in one spot.

- ALAN POWELL (Danbury, CT), 02/28/2019

I searched, but is not what i want. Articles about cleaning brass are good, but I looking to find more about styles of chandelier, railing, gates. Depending on years... I know something about styles of chandelier, but found nothing more. Nothing on google, nothing on DIY, I tried even in other countries. Thanks anyway.

- TARA LOWE (Bell Gardens, CA), 02/05/2019

If you read through the forums, it is more leaning toward helping people perform projects than it is recommending products that we don't control. I believe you are looking for antiquities and information more than how to do something. Sorry you haven't found anything on our forums that will help in your search.

- ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 02/14/2019

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