Forum Title: Why do indoors have a gap at the bottom?
No one could answer me this question exactly.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: GENE NUNEZ (Peoria, IL), 01/28/2019

Maybe one of the Pro's can decipher the code, but I have a couple of pretty good ways to check. Not infallible but it works most of the time. First...LoE is what you are talking about when you say UV protection. It stands for low emissivity. Retains heat in the winter and rejects heat to the outside in summer. It also blocks most damaging UV and helps prevent solar heat gain. Take a piece of clear glass (like from a picture...NOT the anti-glare type) and hold it up to the window on the outside. Get the reflection the same on both pieces. If you have a LoE coating on the windows...the flash of the reflection of sun will have a slightly blueish tint. The regular glass won't. The other way is to partially open the window, put the piece of clear glass in the opening and compare the view through each. LoE glass reduces light transmission slightly and will look a little greyish. If the windows are tinted grey or green....these methods won't work. I know, they are kind of subjective tests. If you have a HD or Lowes or a building supply nearby....they should have examples of LoE and regular glass in a display that you can look at.

- LANCE ERICKSON (Lynn, MA), 02/05/2019

Oh, wow, that was fast. Can I close this gap and put some door vent grills in?

- TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 03/07/2019

Well...if you want it to look more like a dormitory or office you could. How big are the gaps...3/4 is about the norm. This allows for airflow between rooms from heating and cooling vents as well as the aforementioned exhaust fans.

- EDITH WHEELER (Pasadena, CA), 02/15/2019

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