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I did have a blower test 2 years ago and in my spare bedroom i have 3 aluminum windows from the 50s. I have plastic over them and when the blower was on, the plastic was 'humming' because of the airflow coming through. But i thought maybe it was just how i had the plastic and it was coming off a bit, that it made such a racket. Also the plastic had 'bowed out' towards the room. the auditor said while windows may be a good idea, they can be expensive (i do know i paid 4-500 for one custom in my living room) and that insulation may be the better way to tackle the issue (room is coldest in the house) so a few weeks ago i finally insulated my attic with green fiber and the area above the spare bedroom is up near R60 now. however, the area above my main bedroom is very difficult to reach so i didnt get to increase any of the insulation and it remains at about R27 or even less in some spots. strange thing is, with both bedroom doors closed overnight, the main bedroom - with 'newer' windows and being more poorly insulated - is a comfy 65 or 66 while the spare went down to 58. Then another night i kept both open and the main was 66 but the spare was 63. I'm guessing keeping the door open helps a bit. i have hot water baseboards and this spare room has about the highest linear ft of heat in the house but i do know that 1 out of the 3 baseboards has an issue where when the others read about 120 -125 degrees, the 3rd is 96. so is there any way to tell if new windows will solve the problem or could it just be my baseboards having the issue? in my unprofessional opinion it has to be the windows because the uninsulated bedroom is much warmer with newer windows but i know if i use the guy i used last time, windows will be at least 1200 for that spare room. i was happy with his work so would like to stay with him. i have bad mold issues and i'm slowing cleaning things up and i have an excellent dehumidifier i use. and i think if i just keep that room closed all winter that it may not be such a good idea for the RH reason. so i'd like to open the door but i worry once it's down into the teens that it may not be such a good idea presently also i have an uninsulated crawlspace but since that's under the entire house, i dont think that can come into this equation at all since other rooms in insulated are very warm now. For example my kitchen had about an R3 (not a misprint) and even my cold gf said wow, the kitchen is so much warmer now with that R60 If she thinks it's warmer, thats a miracle and must be true lol
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (Taylor, MI), 01/12/2019

Rather than retyping it all, here is an older thread where this was discussed: You could also find more threads on this topic by typing broken pivot shoes into the search query at the top of the page. Your pivot shoes are broken, so that is the part of the thread you would want to focus on, since there is a trick to getting them out and putting them back in without irreparably damaging the jambs.

- DIANE TORRES (Burlington, NC), 03/05/2019

Have you ever considered that the difference/problem may lie in the installation of the window (a.k.a. hole in the wall)? You may have leakage/infiltration around the window and the window may not be much of a factor since no matter what kind of panel structure and gas filling the heat loss through the glass portion is. Radiation losses can be decreased dramatically with just a thin paper shade. The window in the cold bedroom may just not be installed proper as about 65% of the windows also fall into that category. It may not be a problem with the window, but with the installation and air loss around it.

- JAIME RAMSEY (Warren, MI), 02/13/2019

interesting replies. thanks. i never looked at a 3m window kit so i'll have to do that to see whats in it etc. The room has actually been 'storage' for a long time but i'm working diligently at cleaning it out and after i get the pool table cleaned off, i would like to use it someday again. I also forgot to mention throughout the house i removed all of the wood at the bottom of every window (there is no wood anywhere else around any window) and used the foam in the blue can after seeing totally open cavities under all the windows. this foam made a very noticable difference in airflow even under my brand new 13x5 window in my living room. Of course this is proof that new windows wont solve every issue! That blower test sure was an eye opener since i never would have known what was under my windows air - wise. imagine when that 13x5 ft window was aluminum how much air got thru that! candles would blow even if you never 2500 i ever spent lol. but since i only have wood at the bottom of the bedroom windows there's really nothing else to do but i guess try caulking, which i admit i never did around those windows (thanks for the idea), and shop for that kit you mentioned. It's time for new plastic around the windows anyway, the old stuff is getting rather 'old'. plus while i was working in the room i swear i heard the plastic move because of the wind. or maybe it was just me cleaning too fast heck at this point i'd give up all the light in the windows just to have them wind proof but instally styrofoam would be a last ditch effort. regarding the mold i'm actually fortunate in the spare room. it's not on my 'stuff' just on the one closet door and a small wooden cabinet. whereas in other rooms like the kitchen it was on some infrequently used pans etc. really gross. In one closet a coat had to be tossed because of the mold. Who knows, maybe the cold breeze in the room actually helped keep the room 'dry'. i think ill hold off at least until it gets bitter cold and i've done the inexpensive steps you've mentioned to see how they help out. also the thermostat is far from the bedrooms so even with the cold air, i dont mind that part of the house being colder than the other side. matter of fact i joked after i insulated that the darn boiler didnt fire up so often and the bedrooms were colder than the living room thanks again

- FELIX HIGGINS (Killeen, TX), 02/25/2019

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