Forum Title: Help, alumunum window screen has no tabs!
My second floor aluminum window screen TABS BROKE OFF. How do I remove it? Thank you. DeborahB
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: NATALIE PARKS (New Britain, CT), 01/03/2019

Andersen's jamb clips are actually straight. They are shipped attached to the window and folded down, and you flip them 90� and tighten a set screw to set them for installation. Once the window is installed, you can either attach to the rough opening, or fold back over the face of the studs, depending. I would order them from Andersen rather than dink around buying and installing 10 of them on each window, plus the appropriate screws. Just simpler. To my knowledge, Andersen's clips are galvanized. Also Andersen could void a warranty by not using their recommended installation methods. Not that they would ever know... Yes, you can remove the sashes, (i do that all the time to make them lighter to install) but I would recommend that as soon as you have the frame set in the rough opening level and plumb (maybe you've got a few shims in place to keep it level and plumb) then loosely attach the jamb clips with 1 screw at each corner. Measure the entire frame for square, and adjust as needed with your shims. Then put the sashes back in and ensure that all the reveals on the tops and bottoms of the sashes are running straight and true, then close and LOCK them. Double check your width through the middle to make sure nothing is spread. Shim the sides as needed to keep the window from spreading. Then go about attaching the rest of the jamb clips.

- GORDON BANKS (Pharr, TX), 02/05/2019

Aluminum storm windows???? What he suggested might not work, but using the knife to operate the broken tabs might.

- GERTRUDE SHELTON (Encinitas, CA), 03/07/2019

Just Bill, I was thinking the tabs she mentioned were the plastic or rubber tabs attached to the screen under the rubber that holds the screen in. You use them like handles to pull the screen toward the center to get it out from the channel to remove the screen. There I think is a spring metal piece on the opposite side to hold the screen in place if I am thinking correctly. I believe you are thinking of the latch type screen like a storm door has. One either side to unlatch and move screen up. Only the original poster will know for sure which they were speaking of.

- CAROLINE PAGE (Milford, CT), 02/19/2019

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