Forum Title: Basement Door won't stay closed
My old basement/cellar has 2 outer doors. The first outer door is secured with a combination lock. The inner door used to have a yale latchbolt on the inside (basement side). This was fine for security but not for opening the door from the outside. Without the latchbolt in place, the door just kind of lays there with about a 2 inch gap. This allows all kinds of cold air in there for the winter or hot air in the summer. I have tried some magnets but they don't hold the door in place. The door is probably as old as the house (65 years). It is just a bunch of 2x4 stuck together. Don't want to put any money into this door right now...just would like it to stick if possible. I could always put handles to pull it in either direction. Heck even a screw on both sides would work. I know this is hard to envision but hopefully you can.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: TIFFANY WILLIS (Trenton, NJ), 01/15/2019

If the casing is caulked, you'll need to cut the caulk first. There are basically 2 ways to remove the trim, either carefully pry [use a scrap piece of wood to pry against so you don't damage the wall] or use a punch and drive all the nails thru the wood.

- PEGGY HENDERSON (Greensboro, NC), 03/03/2019

Pictures sure would help.

- JOANNE GARRETT (Plano, TX), 02/09/2019

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