Forum Title: Air Leaking at seam on 3 year old double hung windows
I am hope you all can help a desperate guy and his cold family. We have lived in our home for about 3 years and the double hung windows, vinyl, leak air where the two sliding window panes come together and along the side channels. Last year i used clear, removable caulk and sealed the windows. This year i tried to use adheasive weatherstripping along the bottom where the bottom window hits the window sill and into the channels on either side going up about 2 inches inside the channel thinking the leaks were coming from there. no luck. still can feel a lot of air coming from the entire seam where the windows touch in the middle when closed. I attached 3 pics. one is the overall view of one of the windows (FYI not all of them have this issue but 5 or 6 do). The nerf dart is the seam m referring to. The other two are showing closer pics of the seam and the channel. Let me know what i might try and do or if you need more info if im not being clear. Thanks all in advance. my toes are cold and could use your help. [IMG]http://************/r/2agpw5c/5[/IMG] [IMG]http://************/r/351x02h/5[/IMG] [IMG]http://************/r/t5j3mf/5[/IMG]
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KELLY BELL (Midland, TX), 01/30/2019

Welcome to the forums Bill! #1 - stucco is somewhat porous and will absorb moisture. It pretty much has to get saturated for water to go complexly thru. Paint will slow the process down with some types of coatings pretty much waterproofing the stucco. #2 - from where? #3 - is it sealed to the rest of the house wrap? #4 - is there a roof overhang? if so, how wide and how far up? or is this a gable end? #5 - I'm a painter not a mason but depending on some of your answers, it might work ok. I'm sure there will be others with more advice chiming in later

- GEORGIA WOLFE (Folsom, CA), 03/04/2019


- YVONNE CURTIS (Coeur d'Alene, ID), 02/07/2019

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